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While the Beast’s horde makes its final assualt upon the Holy City, the Ronin hangs on the point of death, crucified in sacrifice to God.

His fate, as well as the fate of Parnassus, the godhead and the universe itself, all now dangle above the pit of hell that lies at the vertex of the cross.

Only in the soils of suffering may the seeds of redemption be sown.

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In the city of tiers, at the very heart of the godscape, lie buried all the secrets of Being. And somewhere beneath the city, entombed for centuries, lies the power source the Ronin quests for.

But in this city of knights and priests, besieged on all sides by the forces of the Beast, can things really be as they appear?

The answer to all questions lies with the one known only as ‘The Archon’.

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Before the walls of the holy city of Parnassus, the Ronin must face the great Beast. Will he find redemption, damnation or something else entirely? And what is the significance of the strange city, planted atop the corpse of a long-dead God?

The godhead holds its secrets close. Only through sorrow and strife shall they be revealed.

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On a dark hillside, a hundred million years ago, a man was led to a place called Golgotha, there to die for the sins of mankind.

But what if he had not died? What if Christ had been saved?

Even now, when the universe lies dying and final darkness closes in, the repercussions of such a thing can still be felt.

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